Celebrating its 20th anniversary, the deviants of Welcome 2 Show; The Clintoris, The Guch, and The Devoslack sit down to watch Ravenous!

How to enjoy this episode:

  1. Crack open a beer
  2. Grill a piece of meat ULTRA MEDIUM-RARE
  3. Drink and eat bloody meat

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Deviant Casting Director

Robert Carlyle is a perfect villain, but I’d love to see someone like Samuel L Jackson try on the role. Maybe Tilda Swinton?

John Boyd is a man struggling with his demons, and those demons are the need to eat people.

Neal McDonough is a badass, the scene with him in the river is insane.

Deviant Script Doctor

The “main” cast is wiped out within the first half of the movie.

It’s Just so Ridiculous!

There’s no fucking way Guy Pierce survives that jump right?

  • Dude had a nasty compound fracture, wouldn’t he have gotten gangrene or something?

Colonel Ives is so nonchalant, pragmatic about it, feeding the chickens, holding someone’s skeleton hand, ridiculous lol

The Kim Coppola Award

Awarded to the Worst Actor of the Film
The Guch – David Arquette

Devo – David Arquette – “Sometimes I just hate his face.”

The Clintoris – Jeffery Davies

Overall – David Arquette

Deviantly Repeatable Quotes

“HE WAS LICKING ME!” – Toffler

“Breakfast, lunch and reinforcements.” –     Col. Ives / F.W. Colqhoun

Deviant Remake

  • There has to be an industry-wide statute of 20-30 years before you even think about a re-make, and I think it’s about time that we can see Ravenous re-invisioned.
    • Maybe a more modern take? A modern war?
    • Go more sci-fi? Zombies vs Cannibals?


  • 1,000 times yes, please watch this movie.

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