Pet Semetary

In celebration of the release of the remake, we break the barrier and dig our toes into the sour ground of the original Pet Semetary.

We laughed, we groaned, we kissed 2 hours goodbye. Bury your dead and hope they don’t come back so you can avoid this film!

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Deviant Casting Director

  • Fred Gwynne was perfect as Jud

Deviant Script Doctor

  • Apparently, the visions that Louis and Ellie have are hints that they possess the Shining
  • Is digging up a body in broad daylight the best idea?

It’s Just so Ridiculous!

  • Gage was a DJ in the movie Tropic Thunder!?
  • Do you think kids playing in horror movies fucks them up?
  • How far WAS the Micmac burial ground?
    • It’s not the actual Pet Semetary that’s the evil part, it’s the Micmac burial grounds, and it looked like Jud and Louis had to travel FAR to get there.
  • Stephen King Failure – The truck that kills Gage was NOT featured in another Stephen King movie: Maximum Overdrive.
  • Mom: “He probably went out for a hamburger or a chicken dinner dear. You know how men are when they’re alone!”

The Kim Coppola Award

Awarded to the Finest Worst Actor of the Film

  • The Guch: Dale Midkiff as Louis Creed
  • Devo: Dale Midkiff as Louis Creed
    • God awful acting
    • Pussy-fish-like handshake
  • The Clintoris: Dale Midkiff as Louis Creed

Winner: Dale Midkiff as Louis Creed

Deviantly Repeatable Quotes

Jud: “Christ on his throne, no!”

Ellie: “It got away from him that dumb shit!”

Show Quotes

Devo: “Shout out to (formerly) MicMac goalie sticks! Some of the finest sticks I ever used!”

Clint: “Going back to Lucho’s orchestral magnificence…”

Lucho: “And there’s none in this film!”

Lucho: “I thought, she was gonna be hot again then they showed her face and her eye was looking kinda puss-y. When they didn’t show her puss-y face I was like damn she looked good! Just wash her up, give her a Phantom of the Opera mask and she’s good!”


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