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Pantheon of Arnold Movies Pt 2

Pantheon of Arnold Movies Pt 2

We wrap up our discussion of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s influence on the Action Film Genre. We hit the following topics:

The Worst Arnold Movie

If you look at the best, you have to look at the worst! I thought it would be unanimous, but obviously The Clintoris and The Guch are idiots. Hahaha.

Arnold’s Best Line of Dialogue

Arnold Schwarzenegger is no doubt the King of One Liners. So we just had to talk about all his best lines.

Battle Royale with Cheese: Tournament of Characters

This was pretty fun. The Clintoris gathered 16 of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s top characters, and The Guch and I randomly drew names while we pitted the characters against each other in a bracketed tournament.

Is Arnold a Good Actor?

If Arnold is the greatest action star, Who took over the mantle? Anyone?

Did Arnold’s accent hinder his career?

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