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Orbital – Middle of Nowhere

Orbital – Middle of Nowhere

Niyaz Pirani and Clint Keaton on the digital ones and twos, providing you with music reviews and news!

This week we celebrate Middle of Nowhere by Orbital. The brothers from Kent, England take us on a cosmically eclectic journey into the depths of electronica.

From the abrasive beginnings of Niyaz’s favorite “Know Where to Run,” to the nostalgically blissful ending of Clint’s favorite “Nothing Left,” these tracks start in one place and finish in decidedly and contrastingly different places.

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Album Details

Released 5 April 1999

Recorded 1997–1998

Genre Techno, house, ambient techno

Length 63:59

Label FFRR, London/Sire Records (US)

Producer Orbital

Track Listing

All tracks written by Paul Hartnoll & Phil Hartnoll unless stated.


  1. “Way Out →” 8:00
  2. “Spare Parts Express” 10:07
  3. “Know Where to Run” 9:42
  4. “I Don’t Know You People” 7:47
  5. “Otoño” 5:48
  6. “Nothing Left 1” 7:49
  7. “Nothing Left 2” 8:21
  8. “Style” 6:24

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