Johnny Blaze Award: March 2019

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The professionals honor the best, the Deviants honor the worst. With the creation of the weekly Kim Coppola Award, we highlight the absolute worst of the month with the Johnny Blaze Award.

Each month, all 4 Kim Coppola Award winners are then submitted as nominees for the Johnny Blaze Award, honoring the worst actor featured in that month. Like the Kim Coppola Award, the Johnny Blaze Award winner is selected by a plurality vote from the entire eligible voting hosts.

For the month of March 2019, here are your nominees:

The Nominees For The March Johnny Blaze Award

Green Book

Viggo Mortensen as Tony Lip

Wing Commander

Matthew Lillard as Lt. Todd ‘Maniac’ Marshall


David Arquette as Pvt. Cleaves

Mad Max

Tim Burns as Johnny the Boy

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Green Book



Wing Commander





Mad Max



March Johnny Blaze Award Winner

Clint: Maniac | Johnny the Boy

Guch: David Arquette | Maniac

Devo: Johnny the Boy | David

Winner: Matthew Lillard

Show Quotes

Lucho: “Without Matthew Lillard that movie wouldn’t even be a 3, it would be a -10!”

Clint: “The way I feel right now, is the way I feel when you guys bloviate about Sigourney Weaver’s supposed beauty.”

Lucho: “David Arquette brought down that fucking movie.”

Devo: “The problem was, he never shut his sweet mouth.”

Lucho: “Matthew “Terrible Actor” Lillard.”

The 2019 Johnny Blaze Award Winners


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