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Happy Alien Day Part 2

Happy Alien Day Part 2

We complete our celebration of Alien Day!

Xenomorph, King of the Galaxy?

The show kicks off with the Deviants taking a look at how the Xenomorph stacks up to other aliens/monsters. The Prometheus sequel, Alien: Covenant, goes under the knife as possible story lines get discussed.

Is the Space Jockey an Engineer?

We return to the bad ass film Aliens, as we ponder the question whether or not the Space Jockey is an Engineer. Alien 5 was recently announced, then quickly put on hold.

Xenobiology 101

Clint schools us on some Xenobiology 101, educating us on the different ways you can get impregnated by a xenomorph. We also head back to Prometheus and take a look at how the Black Goo eventually evolves into a Queen Xenomorph.

Is Sigourney Weaver Hot?

Finally, we ask the age old question: is Sigourney Weaver hot?

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