Dawn of the Dead (2004)

Deviants! Welcome… To Commentary.

This is our very first foray into the world of movie commentaries, and it was a fucking BLAST!

This first commentary is absolutely free, though future commentaries will be Patron only, I always intended for the first one to be free, but this commentary is doubly free because I’m a slacker and I fucked up during recording. I got so enthralled with the movie and drinking beer, that I didn’t deactivate my screensaver. I also didn’t wake from the screensaver, so my computer eventually went to sleep and cut off the last 30 minutes of the commentary.

But hey, we still had fun, and we think you’ll have fun too!

Here’s how to sync up the commentary with the movie:

  1. Subscribe to Social Deviants Premium to access all of our Audio MP3 commentaries. Pick one the movie we’ve commented on, that you wish to enjoy.
  2. When ready, you can stream the MP3 from our site, or download the MP3 to your device for offline playback.
  3. Play the MP3 first, and listen to the introduction. We will give you instructions for when to pause the MP3, and when you need to un-pause it.
  4. When we say, “1, 2, 3, Pause” pause your MP3.
  5. Start the movie!
  6. Watch for the “sync cue” as described in Step 3, e.g. “Universal logo fades to black”.
  7. Once that moment happens in the movie, un-pause the MP3, and voila!

What do you think?

Written by Devo

Devo thoroughly enjoys saying things just to get a reaction out of someone – no matter how absurd the content. Luckily, this has yet to get him into trouble.

He’ll end up talking a lot about hockey, Star Wars, gaming and professional wrestling.


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