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Star Wars VS Star Trek 3

It’s getting to the nitty gritty Deviants! We have even MORE Star Wars vs Star Trek battles! This week it’s: Gul Dukat vs Cassian Andor Commander Spock vs Chirrut Imwe Captain Jean-Luc Picard vs Grand Admiral Thrawn Han Solo vs Captain James T. Kirk Please be sure to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes. Follow […]

Star Wars VS Star Trek: Episode II

Deviants! We return to our Battle Royale with Cheese, pitting Star Wars VS Star Trek. This week’s matchups include:  Commander William Riker vs Captain Poe Dameron Seven of Nine vs Captain Phasma Worf vs Chewbacca Boba Fett vs Khan Noonien Singh Be sure to subscribe to us on iTunes. Follow us on Twitter. Follow us […]

Star Wars VS Star Trek: Episode I

We return to another Battle Royale With Cheese as we pit two of the greatest science fiction franchises against each other: Star Wars and Star Trek. Listen along as we simulate the following battles: Senator Padme Amidala vs Counselor Deanna Troi Captain Benjamin Sisko vs General Lando Calrissian Tuvok vs Finn Data vs General Grievous […]

The Matrix Has Come to an End

We conclude our discussion on The Matrix with a heavy hitter. The beer was flowing and the spit was swapping! Here are some of the topics we covered: Influence of the film on the movie industry Influence on society How influential is it on people born after it debuted? Do they even know what it […]

The Matrix: Path of the Video Games

As we continue our journey down the rabbit hole, we get our shit together and start to discuss this fan theory that Agent Smith is actually The One, and not Neo. We also hit memory lane as we revisit the only 3 Matrix video games ever made. Finally, we wrap things up and discuss what […]

How Plausible Is The Matrix As A Reality?

We kick off another 3 part series, this time focusing on the awesome S&M Sci-Fi franchise: The Matrix! The Matrix Movies Ranked In this episode, we rank each of the Matrix movies from our most favorite to least favorite and dig deep as to why each movie affected us in the way that it did […]

Zombies! Part 3

Holy fuck! We round out our massive zombie discussion with the final part of ZOMBI.  Check out this episode! [sc name=”Welcome to Show Subscribe”]


We’re spending a good chunk of time in the zombie world! In this first part of a three-part series, we tackle these zombie ideas The Origin of Zombies The Mechanics of the Zombie The Zombie in Modern Media [sc name=”Welcome to Show Subscribe”]