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  • ThanksKilling

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    Laugh and Cry 70 Minutes Away There are bad movies, and then there’s ThanksKilling. Brought to you by the minds behind Critters: Bounty Hunter and Craw Lake, join the journey of Turkie, a homicidal turkey brought to life through necromancy who is said to appear every five-hundred and five years to slaughter all Caucasians he […] More

  • UHF


    Deviants, this week we had the pleasure to sit down and enjoy one of the hidden gems of the 1980s: Weird Al Yankovich’s UHF. While less of a movie review and more of a love letter to all the hilarious moments in this film, we also hit a bit of a serious note at the […] More

  • Blade Runner

    Blade Runner

    Ya, we get inappropriate right off the bat, but hey, we have fun! We sat down to watch one of the slowest, but most influential science fiction movies ever made, Blade Runner! More

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    This week we rock the fuck out of Zombieland! We love when zombie movies don’t take themselves too seriously, while at the same time bringing something new and fresh to the table. More

  • Ghostbusters

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    Ghostbusters (1984)

    Continuing our Halloween vibe, this week we sat down to discuss one of the greatest comedies ever made, the original Ghostbusters!

    We laugh, we cry, and Clint gets disgusted at the sheer love had for Sigourney Weaver. More

  • The Dark Knight



    The Dark Knight

    As we prepare for Joaquin Phoenix to take over the role of the Joker in DC’s weird, new movie universe, we watched The Dark Knight in all of Heath Ledger’s Joker goodness. More

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    Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace

    Welp, Devo fucked up. This week was supposed to be a look back at Hellboy (2004), but some dumb dumb accidentally deleted his recording.

    So with Star Wars Celebration just around the corner, we deemed in appropriate to reshare our episode on Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace. More

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    Pet Semetary

    In celebration of the release of the remake, we break the barrier and dig our toes into the sour ground of the original Pet Semetary.

    We laughed, we groaned, we kissed 2 hours goodbye. Bury your dead and hope they don’t come back so you can avoid this film! More

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    Celebrating its 20th anniversary, the deviants of Welcome 2 Show; The Clintoris, The Guch, and The Devoslack sit down to watch Ravenous!How to enjoy this episode:Crack open a beerGrill a piece of meat ULTRA MEDIUM-RAREDrink and eat bloody meat More

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