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The Matrix

Devo | January 30, 2019

We took this week off, so we thought it would be fun to dig through the archives and find a movie from the past: The Matrix! The beer was flowing and the spit was swapping! Here are some of the topics we covered: Influence of the film on the movie […]

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The Running Man

Devo | January 23, 2019

Hosted by Devo, The Guch and The Clintoris; we take a look back at the amazing neo-future dystopia film The Running Man! Arnie has to fight for his life in a crazy reality TV style game show. Who was your candidate for the Kim Coppola Award!? Follow us on social: […]

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Star Wars VS Star Trek 3

Devo | April 3, 2018

It’s getting to the nitty gritty Deviants! We have even MORE Star Wars vs Star Trek battles! This week it’s: Gul Dukat vs Cassian Andor Commander Spock vs Chirrut Imwe Captain Jean-Luc Picard vs Grand Admiral Thrawn Han Solo vs Captain James T. Kirk Please be sure to subscribe to […]

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The Matrix: Path of the Video Games

Devo | March 6, 2018

As we continue our journey down the rabbit hole, we get our shit together and start to discuss this fan theory that Agent Smith is actually The One, and not Neo. We also hit memory lane as we revisit the only 3 Matrix video games ever made. Finally, we wrap things up and discuss what our Residual Self Images would be!

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Devo | February 13, 2018

Boy howdy! We continue our crazy talk about zombies in the second part of our Zombie Marathon. In this episode, we scratch the surface of the zombie in films, television, and video games. We also go in-depth about the different views of zombies. Zombies in horror, zombies in comedy and just how pop culture has changed the outlook of the zombie.

Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Predator.
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Pantheon of Arnold Movies Pt 2

Devo | February 1, 2018

We wrap up our discussion of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s influence on the Action Film Genre. We hit the following topics: The Worst Arnold Movie, Arnold’s Best Line of Dialogue, Battle Royale with Cheese: Tournament of Characters, Is Arnold a Good Actor?, If Arnold is the greatest action star, Who took over the mantle? Anyone?, and Did Arnold’s accent hinder his career?