Kim Coppola Award

February Johnny Blaze Award

The professionals honor the best, the Deviants honor the worst. With the creation of the weekly Kim Coppola Award, we highlight the absolute worst of the month with the Johnny Blaze Award. Each month, all 4 Kim Coppola Award winners are then submitted as nominees for the Johnny Blaze Award, honoring the worst actor featured in that month. Like the Kim Coppola Award, the Johnny Blaze Award winner i...[Read More]

Introducing, the Kim Coppola Award

Here at Welcome 2 Show, we’re all about honoring talent and the best of the best. Unfortunately, we’ve noticed that a lot of the films we feature star actors that turn in less than stellar performances. How The Kim Coppola Award Voting Works To honor the Finest Worst Actor of the Film, we created the Kim Coppola award, award each week during an episode of Welcome 2 Show. The Kim Coppol...[Read More]

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