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​ Pantheon of Arnold Movies: Pt 1

​ Pantheon of Arnold Movies: Pt 1

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On this week’s podcast, we sat down to discuss the Pantheon of Arnold Schwarzenegger movies. Lo and behold, we far surpassed our 40-minute podcast goal, ending with a podcast that lasted over 2 hours.

So we split it up. In Part 1 we cover:

Is He the Greatest Action Actor of All Time?

Right out of the gate, we ask the hard question. Actually, it was really, really easy.

Deviants Individual Top 10

We go around the table and rank our favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger films. We each started at number 10 and worked our way to number one. We also throw in some honorable mentions here and there.

Deviants Top 5 Consensus

After a short pee-pee break, we did a quick recap and came to a general consensus as to what are Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Top 5 movies. There are the best of the best of all of the films he’s done.

Best Arnold Franchise

The Clintoris had the question, what was the best franchise Arnold Schwarzenegger has every done? The Guch and I break it down pretty well. During our analysis of Arnold’s best franchise, The Guch dropped this nugget of joy on us, something The Clintoris I never knew existed.

Terminator 3 Cutscene

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